Stats Introduction
There are many shorted attributes which indicates the heroes’ power. You can refer to the in-game stats info.
Main stats:
STA: Decides heroes’ health.
PWR: Decides power heroes’ ATK & normal DEF
INT: Decides INT heroes’ ATK and Mage DEF
CHR: Decides heroes’ DEF & Skill Resistance.
AGI: Decides heroes’ Speed and Counter rate.
Battle Stat:
HP: Max damage it can take
ATK: Damage dealt to enemy.
DEF: Reduces damage
SPD: Decides attack order.Higher Speed attacks first
Common DEF: Reduces damage from PWR heroes
Mage DEF: Reduces damage from INT enerals.
CTR: Rate of counter
STI: Rate of recucing enemy’s Skill RES rate
Skill RES rate: Rate to reduce part of skill damage
ACC: Accuracy of normal attacks
EVA: Evasion rate of normal attacks
Crit: Crit damage rate
Crit RES: Reduces rate of enemy’s Crit damage.
Crit DMG: Crit damage ratio
RES: Reduces ratio of Crit damage suffered.
If you want to see the stats info again, you can try to click the Question Button at the detailed stats page as well.
Stats Info
Debuff RES:
Chaos RES: Reduces rate of Chaos.
Seal RES: Reduces rate of silence.
Stun Rate: Reduces rate of stun
Fear RES: Reduces rate of Fear
Taunt RES: Reduces rate of Taunt
Burn RES: Reduces rate of burn
Harm RES: Reduces rate of Harm
Debuffs Introduction:
Chaos: Got confused.No skills under it.
Harm: Receive more DMG under it
Fear: 50% rate to halt target this round
Burn: Deals DMG to target each round
Seal: Disable target’s skills
Stun: Cannot make normal attack
Taunt: The target can only attack taunt resource
Invincible: Immune to DMG. But not immune to Debuffs
Block:(Passive) Chances to block Normal ATK or Single Skill.
Reduces about 20% DMG. 3 times at most a round.
Skill RES: Reduce 50% Skill DMG
EVA: Evasion from normal ATK