Three Kings Charge: FAQ
Q: How to buy gold?
A: Click the icon recharge to enter the purchase interface. Just follow the instructions to complete your purchase. You can receive awesome 1ST Purchase Gift for your first purchase as well as super Gold
Q: How to recruit Generals/ Heroes?
A: You can recruit Generals / Heroes through the Mall’s Call.
Q: What’s the game time or game time zone?
A: Please note the servers are located in UTC +8. So you may refer to the time in UTC +8.
Q: How to play Last Stand?
A: You can select heroes each round to fight from 1V1 to 7V7. You may refresh the heroes at right for free or by using gold.
Q: How can I join Arena?
A: Click Event – Arena to fight with other players. You can get fame for certain ranking to swap items in Fame Mall. If you are in the luck rank, there are chances to get some gold.
Q: How to unlock Conquer stages?
A: You can unlock a new Conquer stage after clearing each 20 stages. You may get EXP or Loots from Conquer stages.
Q: How can I fight in Journey?
A: Just like Guan Yu you have to defeat lots of different enemies in your Journey. You can get Jades for each stage you win. Then you may spend the jade to add some bonus stats.
Q: How can I fight against the World Boss?
A: Click the Question Mark beside the button of Sign Up for more info. After signing up off-line if not in the game when World BOSS starts; the battle will start automatically. If you login during World Boss auto-battle will stop.You can challenge the BOSS yourself.
If you quit the game then; auto-battle will continue.\n\nKilling rewards will be granted to online players.If no players online then it will be sent to the off-line player who does the last hit.
Q: How can I run the Country in Event?
A: Reach Lv.45 to unlock Country running. There are different orders in Country for you to carry out. You can make some characters to carry out your orders to get title materials. These title materials can be used to promote your +3 heroes’ titles.